What we do


As a holistic dentist serving the northern rivers for the last 16 years, Dr Marcus O’Meara brings with him a great body of knowledge and experience in the field. He has embraced the technological advances in modern dentistry, using them to improve outcomes, reduce discomfort and chemical loads and to help the environment by reducing waste and energy.

At O’Meara Dental we are acutely aware of the role your mouth plays in overall systemic health. A healthy mouth is vital to a healthy body, and a happy life. A healthy, functional set of teeth allows you to chew properly extracting the maximum nutrients from your food.

Your Health

As the gateway to the rest of your body, issues in your mouth can affect your overall systemic health. There are many studies linking infections and inflammations in the mouth to Heart Disease,Stroke and more recently Dementia.

Your mouth can be an early indicator of diseases such as Diabetes, Osteoporosis, HIV/AIDS. Imbalances in your occlusion (bite) left uncorrected can lead to physical imbalances, headaches/migraines and neuromuscular problems in the rest of your body.

We aim to prevent disease and promote health by protecting and rejuvenating your mouth and overall health. Our goals for you are to relieve the body of stressors such as, infection,inflammation, toxic chemicals and metals. We achieve this by listening intently to you and your particular issues and goals and working with you to achieve your desired outcomes.

Equipment & Materials

We use the best and most bio-compatible material appropriate for your teeth and gums. We use lasers and intra-oral scanners to reduce the chemical load you are exposed to. We have an air filtration unit which filters the air in the surgery 12 times an hour ensuring the air you breath is clean and pure.

We are caring, considerate and put our heart into all we do. Our approach is balanced, practical and holistic. We will provide treatment that is personalised, individual, transparent and scientifically proven.

We cover all aspects of dentistry such as, implants, crown and bridgework, veneers, whitening, cosmetic orthodontics, safe amalgam removal, general and family dentistry, snoring and sleep apnoea devices.

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